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If you've never been to the Cayman Islands then add it to the list. Whether it's on a cruise or at a resort, it's worth any time spent there. It's a stunning place with beautiful beaches, kind people and wild chickens ;) Below is just a quick recap of the week we were able to spend there.

Funny thing about the picture above: This was right below the condo we were staying in. Each day we would walk by it and I would mention to Rob how pretty I though this little area was.. fast forward to the third or so day we were there and the door happened to be open... It's where they keep the dumpster, HA! So enjoy a photo of the most architecturally beautiful dumpsters I've ever seen...


Seven Mile Beach

Smiths Cove


Camana Bay

Downtown Grand Cayman


Sting Ray City

Starfish Point

Rum Point

Tortuga Rum Factory

Lovers Wall

Turtle Farm

If you know anything about me then you know all I need is the sea, sand and sun for a vacation! Cayman Islands gave us plenty of all three during our week there. But what was so fun for us was the freedom of just driving around getting to know the island. We rented a gorgeous blue jeep (allllll the heart eyes!!) and just drove around--on the left hand side of the road, I should add. You're a champ Rob Tadlock! We would spend at least part of every day either on Seven Mile Beach or Smith's Cove. Both are just stunningly beautiful beaches. Smith's cove, however, was the best for snorkeling!

We stayed in a beautiful community called Camana Bay. It is full of shops, restaurants, book stores, coffee shops and the most amazing gelato we've ever eaten (we may have visited more than we should have!)

One day we drove out to the Lover's Wall. The wall itself is nothing special but the view and the entire drive out was just gorgeous! I would highly recommend this excursion in a jeep with the top down ;)

My favorite was Sting Ray City and Starfish Point. We had friends take us out to both areas on jet skis, but there are so many tours that can take you out, for example, Captain Marvins is the favorite tour company on the island. If you're only stopping by with a cruise this tour is a MUST!

Lastly, we visited the turtle farm on the last full day of our trip. We almost didn't go but decided to last minute. We had a blast! You get to snorkel with turtles, feed tropical birds, and my favorite, hold baby turtles!! They also have a really nice restaurant and pool for the rest of your day. The Cayman Turtle Center is used for protecting and increasing the population of the endangered Green Sea Turtle. Each year they release thousands of turtles back into the wild. It was such a wonderful place to visit.

We can't wait to plan another trip to the Cayman Islands!

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear from YOU!




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