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I'm excited to finally post a step by step tutorial of how I fix my natural curls! Let's face it, curly hair can be a bit unpredictable and don't even get this Mississippi girl started on the humidity... It's literally every curly girls worst enemy. I'm definitely not claiming to know it all but I hope this tutorial can help another curly haired girl love her natural curls!

Step 1: After washing your hair, keep your hair wrapped in a towel for at least 10 minutes.

I never like adding the product to soaking wet hair.

Step 2: Run the serum from the roots to the ends of your hair.

I use about three pumps of the Fructis Sleek & Shine serum. This amount may not work for everyone, it depends on the length and coarseness of your hair.

Note: I like to make sure I get a little extra around my face and roots since that's where my hair frizzes the most!

Step 3: Run the Fructis Curl Sculpt Cream Gel through your hair.

I use a little more than a quarter sized dollop.

Note: The ends of my curls can get a little scraggly so I focus the cream gel towards the ends rather than the roots. I also do this so I don't weigh down my hair making it flat on top.

Note: While adding the products to my hair, I am running my fingers through my hair in a downward pull. It's not until after I am finished adding the Cream Gel that I start scrunching my hair.

Photo: What my hair looks like after both products have been applied.

Step 4: Take a towel and use it to scrunch your hair.

Note: I flip my hair over and use the towel to scrunch my hair upwards. I do this for about a minute.

Step 5: Let your hair air-dry.

I can't stress this step enough! It wasn't until about 4 or so years ago that I started doing this. I use to immediately defuse my hair which, in my opinion causes the curls to frizz. The longer you can let your hair air-dry the better! Pictured below is how dry I'd ideally like my hair to be before defusing.

Step 6: Defuse your hair.

Before turning the hairdryer on, I place the defuser at the ends of my hair and press up in a "scrunching" motion. I then turn the hairdryer on hot/high pressure for about 30 seconds. I turn the dryer off and get the next section of hair and repeat the steps until dry. I will also take the defuser and hold it over the roots while running my fingers through to help dry the top. (view photos below)

Step 7: Curling iron the fly away pieces around your face.

This is obviously not needed for all curly haired girls but, I take a 5/8th inch curling iron to curl the pieces around my face. This helps the frizzy pieces lay flat and let's be honest, it just helps the craziness of curly hair look....a little less crazy. I've always said, just like a girl who has naturally straight hair will straighten pieces to help 'fix' her hair there is nothing wrong with a girl who has naturally curly hair curling a few pieces to help enhance her natural curl ;)

Step 8: Hair spray the mess out of the curls and pray for the best ;)

Okay, okay I'm kidding. But I do spray my hair before leaving the house. In my opinion Aerogel is the best hairspray around!

Thanks for reading!! I hope this info helped and if you have any specific questions please reach out!! Head over to the contact tab and send me an email :) Shout out to Garnier Fructis for making these amazing curly hair products!

While shooting this tutorial I also created a few insta story videos

which I've compiled for you here:

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