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BABY T IS A ......... GIRL!!!

I AM SHOCKED!!!! I can't believe this sweet baby is a GIRL! I have been so convinced this whole pregnancy that Baby T is a boy! Majority of wivestales really made me confident that this was a little boy- I'm carrying low, I've been surprisingly chill during this pregnancy, and I *thankfully* haven't had any morning sickness. But what a fun surprise to learn that this is a girl! I've had to wrap my mind around the news since I've fully pictured a little boy for 18 weeks now. I am SO excited and slightly terrified about this baby girl. My prayers over this baby have doubled finding out she's a girl ;). Her daddy is already wrapped around her little finger and it's already making my heart melt hearing him talk about "his girls" (me and baby girl- not having twins) He's going to be the BEST girl daddy- I'm just not sure if he's fully prepared for all the bows and clothes ;)

Now it's time to pick out a name and start planning her nursery!


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