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The first day of fall hit and BAM we now have pumpkins in the house. I wasn't waisting any time! Here's to hoping this fall decor brings fall temperatures! I can't handle these 90 degree temps any longer ;)

These two arrangements cost less than $10 to create. Below are the quick and easy steps I took to make them.

Items Needed:

(1) Bunch of greenery - I bought mine at my local Kroger for $5.00. I had plenty to fill two vases.

(2) Pumpkins- In my opinion the more the merrier, but my Kroger didn't have a large selection of pumpkins so I purchased the two smallest ones they had. I'd planned to put an odd number of small white pumpkins and have two in one vase and three in the other.

(1) Package of Bamboo Skewers.

(2) Vases to hold the arrangements.


1. Place greenery in the vase.

2. Insert skewer into the pumpkin in the desired angle for the arrangement.

3. Add the skewered pumpkin to the greenery arrangement.

4. Enjoy!

Notes: I think this easy arrangement can be modified along with any holiday!

Halloween: I think it would be super cute to add sticks to the greenery and spray paint them all black. Then, add small orange pumpkins for Halloween. If you're going really spooky, add a few spider webs throughout the sticks!

Thanksgiving: Add an assorted group of skewered gourds and pumpkins throughout your arrangement.

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