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Rob and I bought our house over two years ago and we have just now slowly started making the upgrades we had pictured when we moved in. A home is always a work-in-progress which can be exciting and frustrating all at the same time. If you're like me and love a good project then it will keep you entertained for years ;) But if you're also like me in the fact that you are super impatient it can be hard to take your time and save up for the items you really want. The day I moved in I noticed the ginormous wall in our kitchen (which should be a stairwell, but that's a whole other story) I knew I wanted window mirrors to fill up the entire space. Two years later we found and saved for the perfect trio on Wayfair. Same with the lighting, we weren't fans of the lighting installed when we bought our house, but about 1.5 years later we found exactly what we had been wanting and replaced them. Don't spend unnecessary money just to fill a space for the time being. Wait, and be patience until you have saved up for the item(s) you really want!

Scroll down to shop the items in our kitchen and "dinning room"!

Our kitchen table was built by Rob's grandfather, Papaw, a few years ago. It's a piece we will cherish forever! The super cute candle holders were made by my mother-in-law who is super creative and talented! I'm thinking I should have a guest post and have her share how she made them ;)

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