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I don't think I'm alone when I say I'm obsessed with balloon arches. The bigger and more dramatic the better! When my sweet friend mentioned having a balloon arch at her baby shower I jumped at the chance to try it! I was so excited/nervous to see how it would turn out. It was surprisingly way easier than I thought it would be! Below are the materials I used and the steps I took to create this! (I apologize for the low quality pictures. I didn't plan to blog about this process so I didn't take great pictures)

  • latex balloons in a variety of sizes and colors to match your theme - You can shop all the balloons I used for this arch above. I used 5", 11" and 36" balloons.

  • low temp glue gun

  • balloon pump (I didn't have but recommend)

  • outdoor rated mounting hooks

  • ribbon

  • clip ties for sealing balloon (I also didn't have these, but wish I did by the end of this process..hello raw fingers!)

Step 1:

  • Blow up your first balloon. Tie or seal like normal and set to the side. Repeat until you have 3 to 4 balloons. Tie all four balloons together at the base of the balloon. Repeat until you have several clusters of 3 or 4 balloons. Be sure to use an assortment of colors/sizes in each cluster

Step 2:

  • Take two of your small clusters and wrap a balloon from each cluster around each other. (See photos below) This is not only the easiest way to create one large cluster but the best way for the clusters to stay together. Only connect two of the smaller clusters together. Do not connect the whole arch this way.

Step 3:

  • Once you have several large clusters you're ready to hang them. To do this, attach 2-3 wall mount hooks to the exterior of your house. I used three hooks all across the doorway- high enough to where it was almost touching the ceiling.

Step 4:

  • You are ready to hang the balloons! I worked my way from the bottom up and then over. I cut a long piece of ribbon and wrapped one end around the first cluster. (Keep in mind where you want the large 36" balloons to land.) I continued grabbing large clusters and wrapping the ribbon around (usually finding the center of the cluster to wrap the ribbon through) I continued this until I had a strand long enough to reach the first hook while the other end touched the ground. I then tied the ribbon around the hook and continue working over tying the ribbon around each hook as you get to it.

Step 5:

  • Use the low temp hot glue gun to fill in the gaps. To do this, add a line of glue where the balloons join and hold the two balloons in place for 20-30 seconds until the glue hardens. Then repeat throughout the arch to create a full look.

Step 6:

  • Enjoy your party and your new photo op!

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